Our TANGO (Tangible Gold) Investment Program

The TANGO (TANgible-GOld) precious metal program was developed, managed and is fully serviced by the Swiss Juna Asset Management AG since 2007. Juna is a registered member and supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (finma) with the objective of quality assurance according to world-wide leading professional standards as well as the local Swiss laws. As a full member of VQF, Juna is regularly audited for adherence to applicable professional high-level standards and all anti-money-laundering rules and regulations of Switzerland. 

The founders - as well as the management team of Juna - are completely committed and convinced of the absolute necessity to keep a rising and sustainable portion of one’s assets in 100% fully physically allocated precious metals. Since Juna could not find themselves an adequate market-solution, which would also work during the last harsh European and global crisis scenarios, we decided to establish our own unique and pure 100% physical backed investment program, that really ensures that all our clients assets are completely protected under such past and for sure new upcoming global crisis scenarios.

How TANGO can help protect and preserve your future 

The TANGO program was developed in close collaboration with our Swiss producing partners and Swiss bullion suppliers to endeavour our clients a Swiss-based and rocksolid solution that takes all foreseeable threats linked to any kind of possible crisis and crash scenarios into consideration. TANGO was founded for the purpose of offering a solution that works internationally and exceeds clients’ expectations, even in a new upcoming severe global financial, monetary crisis, turmoil or wars. 

All TANGO`s trading, delivery and storage services are facilitated completely outside the banking system. There is no dependence on a functioning stock exchanges or banks. Our terms and conditions haven’t any clauses or provisions that would restrict you from arranging a prompt physical delivery of the precious metals you have stored and secured with Juna. 

We offer institutional trading, physical delivery and storage volumes of the highest and internationally recognised Swiss minted brands ingots and cast bars, sourced directly via our exclusive partnership from the top tier leading Swiss precious metals refineries, guaranteeing the absolute world-top-level “Swiss-Quality+100% authenticity” of all our TANGO products. We store all your TANGO bars within our souvereighn managed Swiss vault fully segregated, all-in-risk insured and one-to-one just as you bought them, therefore a request for physical delivery can be effectuated without any delay, at any time and so for also worldwide.

The features that truly matter 

For all our private (HNWIs, UHNWIs, etc.) and institutional (family offices, pension funds, investment-funds, trusts etc.) clients and investors, we offer a unique, safe and most convenient way of buying, selling, storing and/or physically delivering fully allocated gold, silver, platinum and palladium. We offer only 100% physical and fully allocated precious metals. All your metals are stored in premium quality (999,5-999,9) investment grade LBMA good delivery minted bar formats of your choice in our high security vault in the heart of Switzerland. 

High-security storage - Only the top and highest security vaults in Switzerland are used for the TANGO storage program. Our Swiss and internationally recognized vault specialists run the highest state-of-the-art security infrastructures. 

Non-banking – TANGO is fully facilitated outside of the banking system. No dependence on the functioning of stock exchanges and/or banks. 

Direct and unencumbered ownership - You own all your precious metals directly, with no counterpart risk an they all are not exposed to any creditor obligations.

Free of value-added tax – All gold will be free of any VAT. Any deliveries out of the TANGO vaults will only be subject to a VAT if shipped to countries where a VAT regime for physical gold exists. Most of the worldwide countries do not apply VAT to the import or export of physical gold. 

Insured and audited – Insured for all risks and the full value against fire, water, fraud, theft and burglary. The entire stock is monitored and audited and can be accessed by the client personally at any time 24/7. 

Promptly deliverable - All of your bars are deliverable promptly at any time, within Switzerland and/or internationally on a worldwide basis.

Free of any settlement clauses or restrictions - TANGO does not have any settlement clauses or other crisis provisions that would restrict you from taking possession selling or accessing your metals promptly. After all, it is specifically for the purpose of protecting our client’s assets from severe global crisis scenarios. In practical terms, the next big financial crisis will not stop us and you from being fully operational, because we don’t offer any kind of bank solution. Consequently, all our global clients are able to conduct and transact with us even if the global stock markets or banks are closed.

Quality of TANGO Swiss minted ingots and cast bars - Our Swiss exclusive TANGO product sourcing and refineries partners are the top tier internationally recognized and highest accredited precious metals refineries and traders worldwide. This fully guarantees the best quality and 100% authenticity of all the products TANGO trades, stores and delivers all around the world. The most liquid and internationally recognized investment bullion bars and minted ingots are always and permanently available in institutional volumes. 

Competitive pricing The pricing offered by TANGO is absolute competitive (NO-Spreads) and transparent (with permanent SPOT or LBMA fixing base) with a volume based premium (SPOT or LBMA Fixing + Premium) and superior to any comparable fully allocated solutions.